Times are a changin'




Hey Friends,
Times are a changin’ and Im onto new and better things. I just got home three days ago from the Midwest teaching trip and I’ve started to put all of my belongings into boxes.

I’m moving out of the yurt and putting everything I own into storage until I figure out the next step.

Financially it’s just not worth it to be renting this yurt, and the amount of upkeep and chores on top of that has changed my mind about the whole thing.
I have to start focusing on my health (which is a long story)and other important things in my life, and although this has been a great stepping stone while I sorted out the aftermath of a house fire, it has become a burden holding me back from more important things happening.

I’ve started listing items on my website with sales prices to fund the next couple of months. More will be listed this week.
I’ll be traveling to the U.K. after the weekend, which is exciting but it’s been a fast paced summer of nonstop running around. I realized this year I’ve been away from home for maybe seven months?!

While I’m across the pond, I’ll be teaching and expanding more on some projects I’ve been working on. It will be a great time to focus the next direction.
When I get back I plan to use what I earned to either buy an old school bus to convert into a rolling sloyd-o-home, or I may build a small yurt to pop down somewhere. (haven’t figured that part out yet) But none of these options are cheap.

So if you’ve been after something hand crafted any support will be greatly appreciated! Otherwise I’m going to lock up all of my creations in storage until further notice.
I will be bringing a selection of my kuksas with me to England and making some things there as well.

Just wanted to thank all the people who have supported my craft over the years. It means a lot to me and every little carving sold keeps the ship sailing. Onto better adventures!

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