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Everything is hand carved, and harvested by hand.

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The Kuksa Cup

Hand Crafted Scandinavian Style

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Handcarved Kuksas Ready to Ship

Original Hand crafted Kitchenalia

SpoonsKuksas, and Bowls

Since 2006, I have been carving and designing functional woodenware to use around the home and kitchen. Everything I carve is handmade with only handtools, axe & knife, utilizing the wood fibers' grain alignment to create strong hand crafted items. 

Carved by Axe & Knife

Everything I create is carved completely though traditional Axe & Knife techniques, from sustainable trees I harvest locally. I don't use sandpaper or power tools, preferring instead to work with age old methods, handed down through time. 

I walk through the surrounding forest with my packbasket and fell select trees with the qualities needed for each unique project. These are the raw materials that will be turned into beautiful, long lasting items, you can use in your home for many generations. In other words, I do not use machines or electricity to cut corners. Even the silky smooth finishes are achieved from a polished knife cut. I carve "green" wood meaning it is still alive and full of sap. I therefore use my own careful drying techniques to deliver perfect, ready-to-use items.

Unlike most modern woodworking which utilizes factory kiln dried wood and industrial sanding/finishing - my work can be done anywhere. No workshop, power outlets, safety goggles, ear protection or respirators are needed, making the process much greener and healthier. Just the clean and quiet cutting of wood fibers, as it has been done, since ancient times, and in complete harmony and balance with nature.

Wood is a sustainable and renewable resource, unlike plastic - and, for eating utensils, much warmer and softer on the mouth than metal. Just like a chef relies on perfect ingredients to create fine dishes, I harvest my trees as the farmer would his crops - with the utmost care and respect for the tree. Living, renewable materials, that are locally sourced, and expertly chosen - exceptional quality raw ingredients - these are essential in creating fine woodenware.

I feel that knowing where and how a product and it's materials are sourced, is a special and rare thing in our modern throw away culture. — Alex Yerks



Spoons from the Woods

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Selected Products

Alex Yerks

Maker of Fine Woodenware

International Woodcraft Teacher

Authentic Handmade Woodcraft - From tree, to log, to cup and spoon

Northeast Native, Alex was born and raised on a mountain in Upstate New York and grew up wandering around the surrounding woods. Alex quickly learned to conjure up things he needed - instead of hopping in the truck, and driving miles to buy things for the home. Brought up to rely on his natural surroundings, he instinctively works with the natural resources of the forest, utilizing the unique qualities of each tree, in his projects. 

Utensils and cups have always been the focus of his craft - creating functional and beautiful pieces with the capacity to enrich our lives and our homes. 



Alex lives and creates in the Catskills Mountains near Woodstock, in upstate New York. His inspiration, his raw materials - the forest is at the heart of everything he does.

Alex lives and creates in the Catskills Mountains near Woodstock, in upstate New York. His inspiration, his raw materials - the forest is at the heart of everything he does.