Spring Update and Film

I started a promotional piece last November and like most really in depth projects I have a magical ability to put them off for a long time!

I am known to have many irons in the fire. Winter came fast, and decided that I’ll film throughout the year and take my time. There is no sense in rushing anything creative. I often do, but it’s best not to chase the muse away too soon.

So when I finish my longer term film it’ll probably include myself carving kuksas in all of the seasons. Which is actually more truthful than a short film. Our hair grows long, the beard follows, the leaves change colors, wither and fall off, snow falls, then spring springs, and so on. But the spoons and kuksas stack up, and grow better with each one I finish. •

I guess I should make more films as anything in the past isn’t as good as what’s current! But that sort of thinking doesn’t help when I contemplate making a film.

I’ve been really gearing up since I returned the States. I’ve carved over 40 kuksas in the past month to have some stock for my webshop, and also to bring a bunch along for my Minnesota teaching trip in June. Feels great to get back to my usual pace, and also helps get my head in the game for teaching. I’m very thankful we’ve had a nice cool spring so far as I can get much more done when I’m not dying from humid summer heat. In the next few weeks I will be building ten kuksa horses which is an investment since I don’t get reimbursed for that sort of thing. Forty tree legs to shave! So many wedges to make but it’s worth it because it means I can share and spread this handcraft which has been my goal since I started carving six or seven years ago.

Here is some springtime from The Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. Listen to those song birds….

Music inspired by Townes Van Zandt "Columbine"

This film just shows a small bit of the process I came up with to carve these unique cups. To learn the ways..take a course with me.

I'll be teaching at North House Folk School, The American Swedish Institute, and The Milan Spoon Gathering next month!. To sign up for a carving course, head to my workshops page.

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