Went for a little dayhike in the Catskill Mountains

Well it's been a couple of months and I'm way overdue for sharing an update. I usually go for daily walks in the woods and I was surprised when I realized I haven't posted any of that in ages. At the end of October I was in Minnesota at North House Folk School handing in some paperwork to start teaching there, came home and found out I had to move, and as soon as I found a place I tossed my belongings in there and hopped on a plane to Texas attend BadgerClaw's Hill Country Bushcraft Rendezvous which was a blast! So it's nice to settle in start exploring some new woods. I now live in a 30ft yurt that is planted on the side of a mountain right up against the Catskill Mountain Park range. These are some old mountains. Drenched in folklore, weathered rocky outcroppings and escarpments. Think Rip Van Winkle.. So I bring up the yurt because this is where just about all my trips will begin, right in the 'yard' It's actually the last shot I took but wanted to show that first. As you can see my yard is really just the beginning of the steep mountainside. Up the trail of birches in this real old bluestone quarry. Found a nice lookout to the dog and I to sit at for a while. The view is amazing Lots of switchbacks and table top ridges. Always good to keep a keen eye at the terrain because there are hundred foot drops around here. Some nice lichens which I'll come back later for. They can be used as natural dyes. A little road snack - Wintergreen The viscous mountain beast always by my side. Another nice drop to the right hand side. I love watching how light changes as the days go by. The sun is starting to set and all the warm glows start to happen. Found an awesome mountain alligator On my way to Mordor I hiked up this steep stack of bluestone and built myself a nice stone seat. I figured this would be a great spot on the way back to sit and watch the sky turn to night. Brought a little victory ale and yelled "skål" at the mountains. Thats basically a Scandinavian way of saying "Cheers!" I also brought back a sweet knife my friends at JB Knife & Tools that I got in Texas. Look folks... this is a first... and no one thought it could ever happen. The kuksa man carrying a knife with synthetic scales! The horror! It's actually a great knife and I really like the quality, and that damn edge is sweet! and darkness was falling so I packed up the gear and walked back down to the yurt to get the woodstove going. Again I thought about how the colors change so much. Beautiful everchanging mountains. Where's Mordor? Not exactly a huge daunting adventure, but just a casual walk exploring my new wooden digs. Wish I didn't lose my MSR pocketrocket in the move, that woulda came in handy for a quick sip. Thanks for looking. It's good to be back posting again.
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