Alex regularly holds Kuksa and Spoon Carving workshops. He is an International Woodcraft Teacher, who has taught across the US, UK and Europe.

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Kuksa Carving Workshop at SpoonFest 2016, Edale - UK

Kuksa Carving Workshop at SpoonFest 2016, Edale - UK

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The Vesterheim - Iowa - February 26-28  &  March 2-4

I'll be teaching at an amazing Vesterheim museum in Decorah, Iowa with a doubled up class focused on kuksa carving. It's going to be an exciting time as this school is the hub of Scandinavian crafts and features some of the best instructors in the world. I'll be there the same week teaching along side Jögge Sundqvist. Not to be missed!

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Upcoming Classes


-Dates that are still in the works for 2018-

June - The Pathfinder Gathering - Dave Canterbury - Ohio




North House Folk School - March 10-12

I'll be teaching a three day kuksa carving course at Noho during Wood Week which is a fantastic event focused solely on wood culture. Some of my favorite instructors and colleagues will be there as well. It's not to be missed!

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- 2017 -


Milan Spoon Gathering - June 6-8

I will be teaching and demonstrating at the world's first spoon gathering in Milan, Minnesota. After the course there will be a three day full on spoon carving festival you won't want to miss!

You can sign up for a 2.5 day prefest kuksa carving course - Sold out.


American Swedish Institute - "Spoons and Other Kitchenalia" June 13-15

During this three day class, students will dive into the art of green woodcarving and learn the secrets behind carving and designing functional woodenware to use around the home and kitchen. From spoons, spatulas, and spreaders, you will go home with new utensils for the kitchen and dinner table.

You can sign up for this 3 day carving workshop


North House Folk School - June 24-26

On the shores of the mighty Lake Superior, I'll be teaching a three day kuksa carving course at the prestigious North House Folk School in Grand Marais, Minnesota. You can book a spot Sold Out

Sun 29th Jan  - Kuksa Carving

Nic Westermann's Blacksmith Workshop, Wales - Kuksa Carving Workshop

— £150 / $180 Sold out!


Sat 28th Jan - Kuksa Carving

Nic Westermann's Blacksmith Workshop, Wales - Kuksa Carving Workshop

£150 / $180  Sold out!

Exciting plans in the midst! Keep your eyes on this page and my newsletter because I'm always adding new courses and events throughout the year. 

I've been talking with my friend Barn the Spoon, and I'll be the first guest carving instructor at the guild. we are planning a Kuksa Carving class at The Greenwood Guild in London on August 12th and 13th. They have an amazing project in the heart of the big city nestled on a tiny and lovely farm.

There is also some talks of some fall time courses in Sweden and Norway. To be announced! 


- 2016 -

Oct 7th - 9th

Waterford Fair, Virginia - Live Kuksa Carving, Spoon Carving, with the AXE


Sep 24th

Bethnal Green, London, UK - Spoon Carving


Sept 17th 

Machynlleth, Wales - Kuksa Carving at Nic Westermann's Home


Aug 1st - 9th

SpoonFest, Edale, UK - Kuksa Carving, Spoon Carving, Spoon Photography.



Spoon Gathering, Milan, Minnesota - Kuksa Carving, Axe Carving Courses


Feb 28th - Mar 2nd

Wood Week, North House Folk School, Grand Marais MN - Kuksa Carving. There will be an optional extra day.


New Workshop Dates

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Bespoke Classes

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Axe Carving

All of my carving methods rely upon the utilization of the carving axe.
My workshops will be focused on getting you comfortable with three main carving tools. Axe, knife, and hook tool. With those simple traditional tools, you will be able to create beautiful carvings such as Kuksas, Spoons, and Bowls. Learning my process will also teach you do ditch the sandpaper powertools which limit creativity and hand technique.

Kuksa Carving

Kuksas - Guksi - Kasa - Wooden Cup

This workshop is a bit more advanced. Carving these cups uses the techniques and process we do carving spoons, but some bowl carving technique as well.

We'll be using axes, large bent gouges, adzes, saws, hook tools, and sloyd knife to complete.