The Kuksa

Drink from nature.

We call them drinking vessels, but what else do vessels carry? Ships carry people and cargo, cups carry drinks. But I believe the kuksa carries a lot more. They are story vessels, and each one carries it’s own. There are cups and spoons hidden inside each tree, and it’s up to the maker to free them from their fibrous roots. That is the beginning of the next chapter in it’s life.

You can see my current collection of kuksas here.

When I teach my students kuksa carving, I remind them that everytime they drink from that cup, they will think of the people they were with when they carved it. They will think about what they were going through at the time, and all of that is kept carefully inside these carvings. It’s ever changing and even more of a reason to share a cup around a fire, or at home at the dinner table. Tell stories, they are the most important thing to remember, and pass along.

The kuksa is always there, robust, dependable, with it's ever changing and growing patina. It's the perfect drinking cup. Lightweight, with crisp carved facets, and a thin rim to sip from. Harvested from sustainable hardwood from Upstate New York.

Wood is strong and naturally insulating keeping your drinks warmer and longer than other manmade materials. Which also means it keeps your drinks cooler during the warmer months. 


It's there for all the seasons, ready for your favorite brew everyday. Rugged enough to throw around, but delicate in it's delivery.