Tiered handle kuksa with chip carving

Tiered handle kuksa with chip carving


Perfect for Coffee, Soups, or Ale. 

The Kuksa - Inspired by the traditional wooden cup of northern Scandinavian people.

This cup had a hairline crack in the bottom of the bowl during drying. Does not interfere with the cups duty of holding liquid. Repaired and crack. I put a considerable discount on this one. Over time it won't be noticeable as the cup ages with patina.

  • Capacity: 8 oz 
  • Wood: White Birch
  • Felled in the Catskill mountains near Woodstock New York
  • Finished in Linseed Oil
  • Hand carved by Alex with Axe, Gouge & Knife
  • Only traditional hand tools were used in the making of this product - No Bandsaw or Sandpaper.
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