Pierced Handle Lime Kuksa #011E

Pierced Handle Lime Kuksa #011E


Perfect for Coffee, Soups, or Ale. 

The Kuksa - Inspired by the traditional wooden cup of northern Scandinavian people. These are designed for a great drinking experience with it's tapered and fluted rim to sip from, it's undercut bellied bowl easy to hold onto, and less splashy. Wood naturally insulates well, so it'll keep your hot drinks warm and you cold drinks cool.

 Unlike other materials wood is one of the only ones to have an ever changing patina. What you drink, it absorbs a bit of that charm and overtime develops into a deep dark color inside the bowl. Not just a drinking vessel, but a vessel of another kind. The kind that carry stories from the forest to the table.

Pierced handle is a great feature for hanging your cup.

Lime is a softer wood than my normal birch, maple, cherry, or beech cups so I’m not sure how hard I’d want to be on these compared to those other woods mentioned. Hard use as is, tossing the cup into my pack basket, knocking it off the table, dropping it, etc.

  • Capacity: Just about 4.5-5oz

  • Wood: English Alder

  • Finished in Linseed Oil

  • Hand carved by Alex with Axe, Gouge & Knife

  • Only traditional hand tools were used in the making of this product - No Bandsaw or Sandpaper.

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