Gransfors Swedish Carving Axe

Gransfors Swedish Carving Axe



Gränsfors Bruks Swedish carving axe - Great condition, could use a slight sharpen up. I carved a couple blanks with this before boxing it up. 

This axe is used where efficient production and a rough-hewn texture are your goals. This axe has a wide 4-1/2 inch curved edge, carried well above the eye. The textured handle is 14 inches long; head weighs 2 lbs.

Word on the street says this axe has been virtually impossible to find in stock anywhere for over six months.

The standard version of the carving axe is the double bevel. It has full bevels ground on both sides of the cutting edge and should be able to handle the vast majority of axe carving tasks. If you've never used a carving axe or don't know what to get, this is the carving axe for you.

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