Blue Painted Scallop & Dart

Blue Painted Scallop & Dart


This is a gorgeous black cherry eating spoon that's just right to fit in your pocket, this way it can go with you anywhere. This spoon in particular has some really shimmery medullary flecks that sparkle in the light. I knocked back layers in the paint to bring out some of the accents.

Chip carved and brushed with different pigments mixed with milk paint.

Eating Spoon - 6 Inches

  • Wood: Black Cherry
  • Tree felled in the mountains of Hudson Valley New York
  • Finished in Linseed Oil 
  • Hand carved by Alex with Axe, Hook Knife & Scandinavian Sloyd Knife
  • Only traditional hand tools were used in the making of this product - No Bandsaw or Sandpaper.

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