Spoon and Kuksa Set! Blue Bellied Kåsa! #009H

Spoon and Kuksa Set! Blue Bellied Kåsa! #009H


Capacity: 6-7 oz

  • Wood: Kuksa - English Sycamore, Spoon - Beech

  • Finished in Linseed Oil

  • Hand carved by Alex with Axe, Gouge & Knife

  • Only traditional hand tools were used in the making of this product - No Bandsaw or Sandpaper.

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Spoon and Kuksa Set!

Sycamore kuksa, and a beech spoon.

Perfect for Coffee, Soups, or Ale. 

These are designed for a great drinking experience with it's tapered and fluted rim to sip from, it's undercut bellied bowl easy to hold onto, and less splashy. Wood naturally insulates well, so it'll keep your hot drinks warm and you cold drinks cool.

 Unlike other materials wood is one of the only ones to have an ever changing patina. What you drink, it absorbs a bit of that charm and overtime develops into a deep dark color inside the bowl. Not just a drinking vessel, but a vessel of another kind. The kind that carry stories from the forest to the table.

Much like peering into a fresh cup of coffee, and looking into the cup at the images floating around in the reflection.

These drinking vessels after many years of use become vessels of another kind that carry the story of the owner, and friends who shared stories around the cup.

Pierced handle ready to hang from your belt by using your favorite cordage or lanyard.

Each cup is like a song, reflecting my mood and emotion. They share a little insight into my daily life of how I’m feeling at the time. Each one is completely unique.

These latest cups are part of a series I’ve been working on exploring more complicated forms that are also more comfortable as well as more functional. These series I find very interesting as you’re seeing part of a transition into a new design being created.