Summer Kuksa Sale and Update on Slöjd Life

It's August now and it's been a heatwave in London since I got here in mid June. I can't complain though as I spent the entire winter carving under a large tent in the below freezing woods of upstate New York.

I've had a really busy and nonstop year since November.  I was teaching in Texas, and demonstrating at the Filson store in Austin. I had a couple months during the winter to carve a run of new kuksas and experiment a little. Then I was off to co-host a Sloyd event at The Vesterheim Museum in Decorah Iowa with Jögge Sundqvist. We taught a bunch of great classes over two weeks there.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.39.58 AM.png

Then I packed up and sped up to Grand Marais, Minnesota to teach another sold out class at North House Folk School. Soon after, I headed west to The Milan Spoon Gathering which was a smash success. Jane and Peter Mickelborough were our special guest for the event and 80% of our crowd were new to the event!  I sold just about my entire batch of new kuksas, demonstrated for over a hundred people, and met so many great new people. 

Exciting things to write about regarding MIlan. It's great to be a part of the planning committee along side Ron Porep, Del Stubbs of Pinewood Forge, and the fantastic Fred Livesay. My three week trip turned into three months when opportunity would repeatedly knock at my truck door every time I turned a corner. I have so many ongoing and amazing projects to write about from that trip!

Here's a shot of Del and myself holding up the giant spoon we started along with the rest of the Gathering. What a beautiful community project which is now on display at The Vesterheim Museum! Largest hand carved crook in the world?  .. it may be.


Now I'm in London, Spoonfest just ended a couple days ago, which was a blast! It's so good to have these events where we can connect with old friends, colleagues, and new faces.  Now I'm back to carving cups to prepare for my return to the states in September. I have to say this has been  my most productive and busy  year ever. It's been a lot of work trying to run a business and travel, but so worth it and I get to surround myself with some extraordinary people along the way.

I'll be up at North House teaching kuksa carving during the Unplugged event, Jögge will be there too. Looking forward to jamming some blues with him.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.38.42 AM.png

Some exciting news I've been meaning to write about..   I've been asked to cohost the second ever Spoon Jam in Australia with Peter Follansbee! I'm honored to share my corner of craft in a part of the world that seems so far away. Then a week later I'll be in New Zealand to teach. I have so much to say but can only download so much of my brain into a newsletter.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 11.43.13 AM.png

I think this winter I will take time off of traveling to hunker down and work on some wild designs I've been dreaming up over the last year. New evolution of the kuksas, some fancy knife boxes, some shelves, and a couple other things I have tucked away up my sleeves.

So now that I've given you the brief update on slöjd life, I have an announcement. Today I'll be listing up my latest batch of kuksas and I've got them dialed in just right. My best carvings yet, and I've had lots of requests so if you want one, claim it quick! The last two batches of ten to fifteen I had didn't even make it to my website which was quite the compliment.

I just wanted to say that I'm very grateful to the people that have followed my journey, and who have supported my craft by taking some of it home. I couldn't do it without any of you and it feels great to be uncovering a craft that is a bit off the beaten path. Thank you for being apart of this. Here is a little glimpse of the new batch..

New cups will be live in an hour or two.

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