Kuksa Konquest


It’s coffee time, and when i wake up early and can’t sleep, I like to tell a story.

But before my morning story i wanted to share a cup I decided to keep for myself made of Black Alder from August that kept whispering to me.. “drink from me”

I rarely hold onto my own work as I feel it’s healthy to let them go. Plus these cups are very personal.. by dedicating your life to one, they patina as you do. They carry a story. Think back to my words about meaning of “the vessel”.

This is one of the cups I’ve been trying to carve for the last seven years. I’m finally starting to be able to sculpt what my mind has chased for so many years and thousands of cups later.

Super thin, lots of tricks up its sleeves that make it far different than any others that I’ve seen. And the most important part is that they are super sweet to drink from, it’s beauty being of second importance. Function is crucial, good looks are second in line.

I am going to start producing a more bespoke version of my cups which take much longer to carve. Also I will be including hand crafted cordage from raw natural materials. This one is from the cabbage tree leaves that @rekindle_nz Has woven for me special. Each cup will have a unique toggle carved which is to be looked through your belt so you can proudly carry your kuksa so it’s always ready. If you see my in London or the forests of North America, I’ll have my cup on me.


I’m planning to do this series as a “slow carving” process. Each piece will have more of my emotions in them, reflecting my mood. Much like how a song is written. The finished group is an album. So if you support my work by purchasing one, you’ll know it is the only one like it in the world. Often imitated by others but that cup has a special fingerprint. It’ll carry your story and one day be passed down to another. -

Now I’ll tell my morning story..


 I’ve been carving kuksas and kåsa for almost seven years now. Originally it was just an odd obsession and I grew up with the forest out my back door. I liked the idea of carrying your most precious tools by your side, on your belt. Always ready for action and out in the open so you can grab them as soon as you needed them.


I carved my own cups and later found out his was an actual bygone craft. The only available cups were these awkward two finger hole pistol grip cups that were mass produced (later to find out much of that cottage industry was outsourced to Asia.)


So naturally being one of the only people carving these by hand with hand tools, people would request that I carve them one special. After many years it’s become my profession and now when search the internet for kuksas you find many that look like mine. It’s interesting to follow the evolution and storyline behind such movements. I think it’s a better world out there with more handmade ones.



I see now there is a company making mass produced and cheaply made cups that look eerily close to mine. I’m not very pleased but there isn’t a lot I can do. I’d rather focus my attention on making happiness with each cup.

Im really excited that this long hard year is ending and I can reflect back on my kuksa konquest. I have some amazing new projects in the works and one of the first will be carving these beautiful drinking vessels. I hope you’ll grab a cup join me around the fire someday.

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