Iron & Wood



This is something I've wanted to venture into for a while but I often lock myself into a corner working on spoons or kuksas which are what keeps the lights on and the ship sailing. But I think it's really important especially as a production carver to carve other things to keep your mind free and open. It's really easy to burn out when you do the same repetitive tasks day in and day out. I usually stick to a pattern and spend months replicating it to hone my skills and develop designs. However it's beneficial to free the mind and have a hobby which I don't have many of. They usually turn into a profession. You'll be seeing more of this sort of thing and I'll be listing up special pieces for sale on my website.

Sometimes things come to me in an odd dream. Last year around this time I started writing a song about a wooden heart , kind've biographical.. but it was about a burned, and charred heart that was put back together with little shoe nails and other things. I'm fond of natural elements and textures.. Wood grain, tool marks, rust..

Would love to hear thoughts and discussions. This is something I aim for with posting to social media (hence the word social)

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