Kuksa Carving Workshop and North House Folk School

Kuksa Carving Workshop and North House Folk School I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while now, amongst other projects I’ve meant to post about. But life this winter has been a bit hectic but things are finally starting to groove into place. Life in the yurt is getting more comfortable, firewood being split, snow is falling, shelves are filling with craft, and my mind firing on all cylinders. So last month I was asked if I wanted to teach a kuksa workshop for North House Folk School’s Wood Week. This is a big deal to me because that school is the hub of the craft world. All of the world’s finest craft folk have been through those doors and helped spread the wood culture. So to be asked to teach alongside some of hand craft folks who have been a big inspiration to me was a huge honor. Also it won’t be the last time I’m up on the beautiful shores of Minnesota’s Lake Superior so if you can’t make it, keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be back teaching some 2-3 day courses. Fully immersed in everything that involves carving a kuksa from start to finish and all the fixings. Another related subject I wanted to get a discussion going on is workshops based out of my home which is a yurt. These would be one on one courses, either a one day course or a two day full on kuksa onslaught! Food and Lodging will be up to you, folks would be welcome to camp in the yard (which is really the forest) or I'm sure there are BnB's nearby. I'd supply the tools & timber. Keep in mind, kuksas generally would take two days for a beginner to finish. I'm also offering spoon carving workshops which can easily be done in one day, but could be extended into two days. Courses will have you fully immersed in carving. Everything from wandering the forest to identify proper timbers, what to look for and what to avoid, general felling technique, how to process your wood from raw form, to workable billet, then shaping with an axe, designing your carving, knife grips, and how to finish everything properly. Let's get the discussion rolling folks! Please comment in, lets talk. I'm still nailing down pricing information. I'm located in Woodstock, New York in the Catskill Mountains so the forest would be the backdrop and we have plenty of carving wood, axes, gouges, hook knives, you name it. For now I don't have specific dates set, and would prefer small groups, but I'm not opposed to one on one sessions. So if you have a date in mind, shoot me a message and we'll see if we can work it out. here is a link to North House's site for more information!
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