A Great New Adventure


It feels great to finally get this huge project underway.


I'm one of those people who compiles little mountains of ideas and sketches (usually into paper piles on every surface around the yurt)


I've been trying to come up with the perfect website for my work for years. My last website theaxeisboldaslove.com was decent attempt towards that direction but I hit so many roadblocks in how I want to express my visions and thoughts. I'm a very visual person and I also wanted my work to be represented in the best possible way. I'm a photographer and film maker for a living when I'm not at home swinging the axe, and I grow tired of all the websites that just preach about how you're supposed to interpret or like something. I think folks should like something because it is well done, not because it could be shined up nice.




So my website had to be image driven. Let the work do the talking. If someone doesn't like something, they simply will never like it. Why try to candycoat or jam an idea or philosophy down someone's throat.


It's been months of work planning this but I am happy to announce the launch of alexyerks.com ! I have all of my latest and greatest carvings ready to ship in time for the holidays. In the next couple of weeks I have some exciting updates in the works.

Blog posts from Spoonfest in England, my travels to Holland to carve klompen, and a new film. Sign up for the mailing list so you don't miss out.

I finally have a great outlet for my handcraft as well as my photography and in the future some music. Thanks for all the time helping me translate my visual brain and ideas I've sketched for years into this new entity Nicky.

I hope this can be a place where we can have some great discussions about craft.

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